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Silent Keylogger has been released with many improvements and support for Windows 10

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Silent KeyloggerSilent Keylogger Pro

Silent Keylogger allows you to find out what other users do on your computer in your absence. Silent Keylogger invisibly records every user activity performed on the computer in 256 bit AES encrypted log files with option to send the details to your e-mail address, FTP server or LAN path. This advanced monitoring tool automatically records all typed emails conversations, chats, website visited, password, used applications and captures screenshots. This surveillance tool is extremely easy to use for home and office users. Silent Keylogger has a password protected interface and hot-key combination for accessing the application. It supports preconfigured silent one-click installation. Silent Keylogger is invisible and not listed in the Task Manager Process list.

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Silent Keylogger features: Silent Keylogger

  • Keystrokes Recording
    Record all keystrokes made on computer by the users.
  • Record Clipboard Activity
    Record all clipboard (copy-paste) actions performed by external user on PC.
  • Screen-Shot Monitoring (Visual Surveillance)
    Facilitate to capture entire screen snap-shots periodically so that you can see what was being displayed on computer screen in your absence when other user was working on your machine.
  • Saves the AES encrypted Log File
    Software records data to the 256-bit AES encrypted log file which can later viewed by the user.
  • Email Log, FTP and LAN delivery
    Allows receiving log files through email feature, upload logs via FTP  server or local network even if you are thousand miles away.
  • Viewing Backup Activities
    Provide backup of recorded internet/system activity details for future reference.
  • Automatic Startup
    Software starts monitoring as soon as windows start.
  • Hot key combination
    User can easily access the software when running in hidden mode by enabling Hot key combination.
  • Recording Multiple User account
    Record all users logged on your computer machine (including the Guest user).
  • Password Protected
    Silent Keylogger software is password protected and prevents the unauthorized users to change its configuration setting.
  • Stealth Mode
    Silent Keylogger will not appear on the Desktop, Add/Remove Programs, Control panel and even remains in hidden attribute in installation folder path.


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